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  Dankuni Infrastructures Limited

Sarat has been actively involved in the real estate business for several years now providing property equipped with all the infrastructure necessary for carrying out industrial operations. Past projects include several factory sheds in its Knit Park located off B. T. Road. A similar project, but on a more expansive scale has recently been taken up by the group in Dankuni.


Dankuni Infrastructures Limited was established in 2006 for the purpose of developing an industrial zone in the Kalachara District situated in the outskirts of Kolkata city. The state of West Bengal has the potential to become an industrial and logistical hub owing to its strategic location and availability of resources such as raw material and labor. The need of the hour is infrastructure development to attract industries to set up operations in the region and this is exactly what DIL aims to achieve through its proposed venture as reflected in its USP; ‘DIL: Total Solutions’

DIL’s clients will be provided with ready and complete infrastructure including developed land and utilities such as road, electricity, water, drainage etc. Clients will be relieved of the external pressures of setting up commercial operations in an alien environment thus allowing them to focus on their core competencies.


Will all the necessary infrastructure readily available, the respective projects’ payback periods will also be greatly reduced. What’s more, operating out of an industrial cluster will provide several indirect benefits to the concerned enterprises in terms of a congenial industrial atmosphere, efficient logistics, infrastructural scalability and up gradation, integration of the value chain etc.