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  Sarat Knit Park

    The knit textiles industry has witnessed significant growth in West Bengal over the recent past, particularly the last five years. Owing to a logistically strategic location and the presence of a seasoned workforce, entrepreneurs can be optimistic of the future for the knit garments sector. Catering to this consistently growing industry, Sarat has been constantly expanding its Knit Park that provides industrial sheds for businesses involved in this sector.
The concerned property is the perfect package tailored to the requirements of small and medium size enterprises that are looking for an appropriate place to operate out of. The park is equipped with utilities such as roads, power, water and drainage that are of utmost importance for a manufacturing facility. The location of Knit Park right off B. T. Road is an added advantage as the zone is bustling with businesses operating in the hosiery sector.


Members choose to be a part the Knit Park community as they can expect to reap several direct as well as indirect benefits of operating out of a production cluster. With a significant number of businesses concentrated in the campus, the volume as well as spread of the economic activity generated can be expected to yield further benefits such as improved logistics, integration of the value chain and mutual collaboration among businesses. Businesses currently operating out of the ‘Knit Park’ have operations ranging from knitting, fleece raising and elastic manufacturing through to fabric processing/ finishing, printing and final garmenting. With so many diverse yet interconnected businesses working together in such an affable manner, the ‘Knit Park’ is the preferred business address when it comes to knit garments industry.
   For particulars concerning Block V, the most recent property in Sarat Knit Park, please refer to the respective brochure.

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