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Marketing and distribution operations for the group are carried out by sister concerns, Tiger Hill, Inc. and Pudala Uniforms, Inc. located in Atlanta, GA and Houston, TX, USA. The product range includes garments, apparel and made ups of knitted fabrics like 100% cotton, polycotton blends and plaided fabrics as well as woven fabrics such as cotton twills and poplins, polycotton poplins, canvas and linen. While the knit fabrics are produced in-house, the woven fabrics are custom created/ produced from various mills that are able to meet Sarat’s stringent specifications. Principal woven items include executive dress shirts for men and women in the corporate sector, hunting and fishing shirts for outdoor activities and vests, jackets, aprons and bags that find application as uniforms. The knit product line includes basic t-shirts and polo shirts, as well as mercerized, retro and athletic products made in a wide variety of fabrics such as sinker, interlock, pique, lycra etc. The recently launched tactical products range is available in knits as well as woven with products ranging from t-shirts and hoodies to matching trousers and jackets. Product images with the relevant information is provided below:



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Hunting Shirts   Fishing Shirts   Work Shirts   Oxford Shirts
Twill Shirts   Poplin Shirts   Texas Flag Shirts   Patriotic Polos
Patriotic Tees   Florida Correction Shorts   Coaches Jacket   Casual Wear
Cotton Polo Shirts   Tee Shirts   Sweat Shirts & Dickies   Mock Turtles
        Camouflage Twill Shirts   Coaches Jackets